Mission and Method

The World Mayors Council on Climate Change is an alliance of committed local government leaders concerned about climate change. They advocate for enhanced engagement of local governments as governmental stakeholders in multilateral efforts addressing climate change and related issues of global sustainability.

This mission is broken down to two objectives:

  • strengthening political leadership on global sustainability by building a group of committed local sustainability leaders;
  • being the prime political advocacy force of cities and local governments on global sustainability matters;

In order to implement these objectives, the Council breaks down its method of action as follows:

  • showcasing local leaders’ climate and sustainability actions that contribute to policy change at local and global levels;

  • supporting its members to enhance their climate and sustainability leadership capacities;

  • addressing global climate and sustainability policy makers as a global body of leaders from diverse local governments;

  • politically steering the development and implementation of mechanisms that support local climate and sustainability action.

In order to reach these objectives and implement actions, the Council receives technical and strategic support from ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. Thus, synergies between technical expertise and political leadership leverage local climate action.