Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2015

Resilient Cities Asia-Pacific 2015


“People should be at the core of building urban resilience”

Mayors and municipal leaders from the Asia Pacific region called for a more concerted and coordinated action to build resilience and adapt to the intensifying impacts of climate change.

“There is a need to do things differently; to be prepared; to innovate; to constantly learn and adapt; and to enact the full spectrum of resilience actions, including disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, for current and projected risks”, state the mayors and municipal leaders in the “Bangkok Call for Action Towards Urban Resilience in the Asia Pacific”.

The Bangkok Call for Action was agreed on at the closing of the inaugural Resilient Cities Asia Pacific congress.  The congress brought together over 300 city leaders and experts to exchange tried and tested solutions on managing risk and building resilience in Asian cities.  

The triple whammy effects of urbanization, climate change and globalization prompted cities to work together with national governments and the global community to:

1.     Focus on innovative systems based approaches

2.     Promote concerted and coordinated urban resilience action through community engagement

3.     Increase multi-level and multi-sectorial partnerships

4.     Ensure that risk assessments provide quantifiable evidence and are mainstreamed into urban planning

5.     Develop and benefit from new financial mechanisms

6.     Build capacities of local governments in risk assessments

7.     Ensure that the measures for building resilience is equitable

8.     Connect urban risk reduction planning and implementation with existing global initiatives

One such initiative is the Durban Adaptation Charter, a pioneering global agreement among cities to mainstream climate adaptation.  Coinciding with the adoption of the Bangkok Call for Action, the Charter welcomed its first signatories from the Pacific region with sixteen Mayors and city officials signing on to the Charter and committing to collaborative climate action.

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