Joining the Council


The World Mayors Council on Climate Change is an alliance of committed local government leaders advocating an enhanced recognition and involvement of mayors in multilateral efforts addressing climate change and global sustainability.

Joining the World Mayors Council on Climate Change is a commitment to demonstrate leadership on climate and global sustainability issues. Members agree that:

  • Climate change is a major global challenge requiring urgent and concerted action and collaboration by all spheres of government;

  • Municipal leaders have the potential and the will-power to tackle climate change;

  • National and sub-national governments must recognize the fundamental role of local governments in mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

The membership benefits

The membership to the World Mayors Council on Climate Change is synonym of prime services:

  • a global recognition as a sustainability leader

  • a connection to fellow Mayors

  • a priviledged access to climate events (Mayors Adaptation Forum, World Mayors Summit on Climate, COPs)

  • an insider information about the status of the climate negotiations

  • an access to exclusive advocacy materials

  • a dedicated space on the Council website

Who is eligible?

Membership to the WMCCC is open to mayors, governors and equivalent leaders of municipal levels of government

Mayors whose term have expired are welcome to maintain their WMCCC membership and continue lending their expertise and advice.